33 Celebrity Look-Alikes From The Past That Are So Similar It’s Scary

These celebrity look-alikes from the annals of history may have you wondering whether everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to Eminem is actually immortal.

Jennifer Lawrence Zubaida Tharwat

33 Celebrity Look-Alikes From The Past That Are So Similar It’s Scary

Whether we’re talking about famous figures who helped shape our world or common people whose names are no longer even remembered, the internet has turned up a number of people who are dead ringers for modern-day celebrities.

Sometimes it’s one feature, and sometimes it’s a lot of features. Other times it’s an expression, an attitude, or a detail you can’t even really put your finger on. But either way, these photos might just make you wonder if some of your favorite celebrities are actually immortal time travelers.

And as if these photos of celebrity look-alikes themselves weren’t spooky enough, there’s also a spooky mythology behind the notion of doppelgängers. Ancient Norse and Finnish mythology, for example, are full of stories of people who showed up at prearranged appointments only to be told that they had already been there and left.

Needless to say, many cultures believed that running into your double was a bad sign. Tudor stories from 17th-century England even say that Queen Elizabeth I walked into her room one evening and saw herself lying on her bed, looking pale and weak. Shortly after that, she fell ill and died in that very bed.

Death Of Elizabeth I

Wikimedia CommonsThe Death of Elizabeth I, Queen of England, by Paul Delaroche. 1828.

Though tales like these add a little chill to the idea of celebrity look-alikes, logic tells us that there are simply a finite number of ways in which a human face can appear. Given the vast number of people who have walked the earth, there are bound to be some similarities.

When you find a photo of someone from the past, it’s easy to compare them to people you see often — and celebrities’ faces are everywhere all the time. So as more old photos hit the internet, instances of dead-ringer celebrity look-alikes will surely only increase.

After this gallery of celebrity look-alikes from the past, check out this collection of vintage mugshots and see if you can spot any more doppelgängers. Then, peruse these bizarre historical photos that prove just how strange the past really was.

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