A couple from South Carolina was accused after allegedly leaving their dog tangled in a cord without food or water for so long that he desperately chewed his leg

The Ware Shoals police department was called home to Jessica Kathleen James and Skylar Lane Craft on November 19, reported FOX Carolina. When the officers arrived, they found the Lucifer couple’s dog in the yard.

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While they were being interrogated, 32-year-old James,, and 38-year-old Craft, would provide conflicting reports of how long Lucifer had been kept on the runner who said they had been entered for allegedly trying to jump over their fence and how long he has been hurt for

The couple claimed to have attempted to cure Lucifer’s injury at home to avoid paying veterinary expenses.

According to the police report, Lucifer apparently did not have a bowl for food or water, but it was also found near a metal pole. It is not clear right now why the stake was in the yard and what it was used for.

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Since the police seized the dog, which has now been renamed Luke, he was treated by a local relief organisation called Noah’s Arks, specializing in the care and rehabilitation of abused animals.

The group has kept animal lovers up to date with what they describe as one of the saddest cases they’ve ever met, ultimately sharing the most recent update on Sunday’s condition.

Smith also explained that Luke requires constant attention to his leg, which has caught a “bad infection” inside. Fortunately, Smith said that the god had no cancer and that his problems were simply due to hunger, so a medical team was carefully adjusting food intake to help him heal and get adequate weight.

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The president of Noah’s Arks, Jennifer Smith also wrote that the dog is so much starved that it believable to expect he has got the strength to take two steps. The Great Dane is looking like an animal that wont last for an entire day.

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