Al Sharpton sells his Life story for half a Million Dollars – to his Own Charity

Reverend AI Sharpton’s wants his life to be portrayed as a leader of civil rights in books and movies. The interested people will have to buy his life story for a handsome amount. Sharpton’s life history was sold for a ten year period to National Action Network, his own non-profit charity, for a whooping sum of $531,000, according to Fox News.

The National Action Network will choose to sell Sharpton’s life story to whomsoever it is interested, whether it be the Hollywood movie directors or biography book writers. As the story rights were sold to Sharpton’s own charity, there seems to be little enthusiasm from the buying side.

As a chief executive officer himself of the National Action Network (NAN), he draws his own salary. This leads to speculations about the net profit might have earned, if at all there is one.

Fox News reported that the sale document didn’t indicate when the president of NAN, Sharpton, will receive his cash, which was beyond and above the $244,661 he already pulled down from the group as compensation in 2017. It also added that Sharpton didn’t say when the cash would come in.

New York Post reporter, during Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday event, asked about the profit Sharpton earned from the sale of his story. Sharpton was puzzled and asked him if it had anything to do with the event.

Once Sharpton made peace with the reporter, he enumerated that the sale of his life story to NAN, was a decision taken by its board of directors. This way, the charity could make some money by selling it to book authors and movie directors.

The ultimate thing about this deal is that it benefits Sharpton, who owes a tax debt of $800,000 to state of New York. He pays his debt on an installment plan, reports the post.

Source: dailywire, breitbart

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