Australia passes bill to force tech firms to hand over encrypted data

On Thursday, the parliament of Austrailia has passed a bill so as to compel the technology related firms such as the tech giant, Google Inc, whose parent company is Alphabet, along with many others like Facebook and Apple to grant the police access to the encrypted data.

This is the most far reaching of such type of requirement that has been imposed by a western country.

The bill was opposed by the technology giants. They fear that this new bill passed by Australia is soon going to set an example for the other nations who will then be exploring similar rules and by the end of the year this will become a law.

Source: Zawya

Bill Shorten who is the Labour party leader of opposition stated to the reporters outside the capital which is situated in the capital of the Canberra.

On Thursday, the bill was passed by the lower house of the parliament and was supposed to be debated in the upper Senate. Labor stated that it intended to suggest certain new amendments before the bill is passed back to the lower house.

Shorten stated that they will pass the legislation because of the inadequacies, so as to provide the security agencies with the tools it has been asking for.

Source: DW

According to the bill, fine of up to $10 million can be imposed on institutions and prison for individuals who will fail to hand over the data that has been linked with the suspected illegal activities.

When the bill is converted into a law, it will make Australia as the first nation to impose a broader access to the requirements on the tech firms.

This comes after several years of lobbying by the intelligence as well as law enforcement companies in several companies. These include particularly the Five Eyes nations.

Source: Reuters, Investing


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