Bohemian Rhapsody broke the huge Box Office Record

The Freddie Mercury biopic is a super hit among the fans who can’t stopping their feet to Queen songs since early November and late October when it was released all over the world.

The band and its frontman’s story took the world by storm and Rami Malek’s spot-on performance has been appreciated widely. Even though the movie was criticized by some for the skewed part of the singer’s illness, it didn’t affect its success.

This weekend the biopic was on the top of the US charts and became the highest grossing biopic movie. Box Office Mojo reported that Bohemian Rhapsody has already beaten ‘Straight Outta Compton’, the former record holder, by earning $164,423,150, which is $3 million more than the earlier record.

Rami Malek Bohemian Rhapsody

The biopic has earned $539,564,825 worldwide since the day it is released, way more than the N.W.A. biopic that earned $201,634,991. It’s easy to understand why the movie became so successful. The Queen fans got an opportunity to the recreation of some of the finest moments of the band including the 1985 Live Aid performance. And the ones who were already not following them got to know about their music and the band members.

The biopic has somewhat reworked the true back story for cinematic entertainment purpose, so the viewers need to acknowledge that. Malek’s outstanding performance shows his dedication towards portraying Mercury and the way he recreated the magical performance of the front man.

bohemian rhapsody

All the band members were happy to see the biopic doing so well. Brian May, the guitarist of the band, appreciated Malek’s work and said his performance deserves an Oscar. He further added,

He’s incredible… without doubt he’ll be on the nominations list for an Oscar and well deserved as well. He inhabited Freddie to the point where we even started to think of him as Freddie. Really remarkable.

The movie’s success has reaffirmed the fans love for Queen’s music.

Source: Unilad, Cinema Blend

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