Cardi B fails to Show up for Court Hearing

A judge of New York on Monday has allegedly rescheduled the court hearing of Cardi B after the rapper failed to appear in the criminal court for facing charges of assault with a connection to a brawl which took place at a strip club.

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Cardi was also warned by the judge that if she doesn’t show up to the court hearing, then there is a highly likely possibility of her to get arrested.

Cardi B aka Belcalis Almanzar, the 26-year-old artist has allegedly surrendered to the police back in October after she was accused of getting involved in an incident which took place on Aug 15 in a strip club, Angels NYC in Queens’ borough.

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Scott Dunn, the New York Judge, told Cardi’s lawyer that he must convey to Cardi that it is not acceptable that she is not present in the courthouse as of on Monday after Cardi B failed to show up for the scheduled appearance.

Scott Dunn told Jeff Kern, Cardi’s Lawyer that, he must inform her that if she fails to show up on the hearing on 7th December unless there is a change in circumstances. And if Almanzar doesn’t show up when she is much likely to be issued a bench warrant her Belcalis’ arrest.

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The two-time nominee of Grammy award, Cardi B has reportedly topped the music chart in recent years with successful hits such as Girls Like You, which she collaborated with Maroon 5 and Bodak Yellow.

On Cardi’s official Instagram account under the section ‘story’ Cardi B posted a video of her on an aircraft early on Monday which featured a vibrant blue ocean. There wasn’t any sort of indication as to where the photos were taken or the fact that where she is.

Cardi B has accused one of the two sister-bartenders of Angels NYC club of having an illicit affair with Offset, her husband. Offset is an integral part of Migos, rap trio.

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