Diego Torres in ’13 Reasons Why’: Interview With JanLuis Castellanos

At the end of Season 3, Monty was framed for the death of Bryce, though it seems someone at Hillcrest knows that’s not true.

“This season is definitely tackling the Monty thing, but other than that, it’s also tackling some other true circumstances that happen in high school,” JanLuis said. “It’s very much like senior year.”

He says this season will focus on tying up any loose ends left by the previous seasons while really focusing on letting go of the past.

“It’s OK to talk about it and to talk about it when you’re ready,” JanLuis said.” I know that a lot of people out there may have their own personal secrets, and I think the only way to feel better about those secrets is to let those secrets out and to tell somebody about how you’re feeling.”

And that’s something we’ll watch Diego struggle with, putting him in what JanLuis describes as a “very tough predicament.” These secrets, he says, will make the characters question each others’ loyalty, though he still describes his character as a “loyal leader.”

“A lot of these kids are now dealing with the ripple effect of what happened early on in [the series] and moving forward,” JanLuis said. “Each character is going to have their own journey.”

But is there a chance for a spinoff? JanLuis doesn’t think it’s likely, and he says the series does a good job of resolving any previously unanswered questions.

You can now stream Season 4 of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix.

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