Does Tana Mongeau’s Face Tattoo Exists, or Is It a Publicity Stunt?

Tana Mongeau is renowned for her wealth of Youtube videos depicting extreme fashion makeovers, bodily manipulations and  — sometimes faked — plastic surgery. 

In the past few weeks, she created a 30-minute-long vlog about the difficulties of wearing Euphoria-inspired makeup for a week to work, dates, and everywhere, one about Halloween costumes, and another about a pregnancy prank. 

How far is she willing to go? What’s there to know about Tana Mongeau’s face tattoo? Did she get it removed…or? 

Tana Mongeau is the uncrowned queen of deceit. 

While most will be familiar with her alleged marriage to fellow Youtuber and bona fide content creator Jake Paul — which commentators dismissed as a publicity stunt time and time again — her ability to set up traps and fake displays haven’t been explored that extensively. 

Reminiscent of early 70s performance art, Tana sets up masterful, absolutely genius stunts regularly. 

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