GM moves to challenge Ford in U.S. commercial fleet sales

According to the executives at the number one automobile makers of the United States, General Motors Company is now intensifying its attack on its biggest rival which is Ford Motor Co.

Ford had taken a lead in the sales of the commercial fleet market of the United States and General Motors is now working so as to prop up the margins of profit amidst the declining consumer demand.

So as to lift the demand in the market to beat its rival, Ford, the company is now counting upon Silverados which has an outfitted tow truck along with utility bucket truck as well as delivery trucks.

This is precisely to increase the demand for the light duty trucks as well as cars which are manufactured by the company.

Source: ChannelNewsAsia

The estimation made by the auto makers is that for every purchase of a medium duty truck by a corporate customer there are almost six pick-up trucks along with SUVs or passenger cars that is purchased by him.

Last week the company closed five manufacturing units in North America which clearly states the need of General Motor to bolster its sales in the United States and also to keep the plants in a working state.

Out of the five factories that were slashed down, two manufactured that type of sedan whose demand has declined drastically amongst the consumers of America.

Source: Reuters

Recently Ford also made an announcement that it will now be reshuffling its workers at the slower business to the busier plants.

On Monday most of the other major automakers also stated that the sales were low in the month of November in United States.

However there has been an increase of 24.1 percent in the sales of the commercial fleet of the company in November.

Source: Reuters, NewsMax

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