How Did Henry Lee Lucas Die? Netflix’s ‘The Confession Killer’ Explained

Fans of true crime have yet another Netflix series to binge-watch…although perhaps it should actually be called false crime in this case. The series is called The Confession Killer and it tells the story of Henry Lee Lucas. For a time, Lucas gained international infamy and was known as the most prolific serial killer in history. But as the Netflix series reveals, not all was as it seemed. Who was Henry Lee Lucas? How did Henry Lee Lucas die? Read on to find out. 

Who Was Henry Lee Lucas?

Henry Lee Lucas was born in 1936 in Blacksburg, Va and he did not have an easy childhood. At age 10, one of his eyes was removed due to infection, his mother was a prostitute who reportedly forced him to watch her with her clients, and when Lucas was 13 years old, his father — whose legs had previously been severed in a railroad accident — died of hypothermia after going home drunk and collapsing during a blizzard.

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