How Tall Is Barron Trump Now? The Memes Are Pretty Hilarious

Some Twitter users wonder if this means Donald Trump isn’t Barron’s real father, since typically sons are just as tall, if not taller than their fathers. Considering Barron didn’t exactly get his height from Melania, folks are very curious. But as ~dramatic~ as that would be, he most likely is Donald’s biological son (and if you look at a comparison of the two, especially when Trump was younger, the two do look similar). 

Plus, it’s really not our place to get involved in Melania and Trump’s personal business, as divisive as the POTUS may be.

Anyhow, this isn’t the first time people have joked about how freakin’ tall Barron is. Back in January of this year, outlets all over were commenting about how Barron is the true “Trump Tower.”

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