How to Get on ‘The Misery Index’ — Casting Call Details and Info

Finally, it’s game time, and you get your chance to make like you’re already on Jameela’s game show. Honestly, we find this part of the questionnaire fun even if you’re not planning on following through with the casting process.

And because we liked it so much, we’ll give you a taste of the situations you have to rank “on a scale of 1 to 100.” To be clear, 1 is an incident you consider not very traumatic and 100 is what you deem the most.

Here are some of the situations you’ll be tasked with ranking: “Lost your wallet,” “Discover your spouse has been having a year-long affair,” “Your sibling hits on you,” “Step on a Lego with your bare feet,” and “Stuck on hold with customer service for two hours.”

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