Is Jennifer Beals Gay? — Details on ‘The L Word’ Star’s Love Life

Is Jennifer Beals gay?

On The L Word, married Bette Porter is seen locking lips with wayyyy more characters than just her wife Tina Kennard. Indeed, she has her fair share of dalliances including those with carpenter Candace Jewell, Jodi Lerner and many more flirtations in between. 

But in real life, as it were, most of the actors in the original L Word cast weren’t out like their characters. 2004, after all, was a very different time. In fact, the only out-lesbian in the main cast at the time of filming was Alice Pieszecki’s Leisha Hailey, who at the time of filming was in a relationship with Free City owner and designer Nina Garduno (which is why so many characters on the show are seen wearing Free City apparel).

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