Is the Xbox One-Exclusive MMORPG ‘Bless Unleashed’ Coming to PS4?

“Ancient betrayal and earthshaking disaster has led to thousands of years of enmity between the mortal and the divine. Now, heavenly whispers speak. The mad mistress of the dark, great and terrible Lumenas, will return to destroy the race of man and sink the earth into endless night. How long will she remain sealed before she breaks free to wreak havoc on the world?” reads the official game description. Sounds ominous, right? It seems like it will tickle story-lovers’ fancy – and adventurers, of course. 

Unfortunately, with all that said, we can’t definitively answer with certainty whether Bless Unleashed will be coming to PS4 or not. But as the game gets closer to its official release, you can bet we’ll be hearing more about the topic soon enough. For now, though, you’ll have to be content with enjoying the game on Xbox One for the time being. Patience is the key for now, so sorry about that, PS4 fans! There’s plenty to play on Xbox One in the meantime at the very least though, right? 

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