Jael Strauss died two months after being diagnosed with a Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Jael Strauss, the former contestant of America’s Next Top Model, is reportedly dead after she was diagnosed with cancer. The sources close to the model who allegedly competed on the 8th season of the reality show has died in hospice on Tuesday around 11 AM.

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Things turned worse for worse on Monday, and she also said that she has been unconscious for a few days. The family of the model even stopped allowing visitors. During Halloween, Jael took a decision to stop the chemotherapy and later on Thanksgiving she went into hospice.

Jael Strauss wrote on Facebook that there are so many things that she didn’t know before about life and even the words related to death. The former model was open about her cancer diagnosis back in October and wrote a heartbreaking post about it on Facebook.

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Back in the year 2012 Jael appeared on Dr Phil and revealed she plans to tackle addiction issues and celebrated five years of being sober this year in August on IG. Jael wrote to her followers on Facebook saying that she was supposed to write something very long as her followers deserve to know this. Also wrote on 2nd of October, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage IV. Cancer has aggressively spread throughout her body and doctors has also said that she won’t live for a long time. She wished that some miracle should come into being and she would be saved, a miracle just like the one she got in the year 2013.

On Instagram her caption is written was she knows that there is some sort of miracles that are undoubtedly true and real. And recovery is possible for everyone given that things have transcended far enough. Strauss also said that things aren’t too broken to be put back together.

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GoFundMe also began for Jael amount a month ago, and it has raised over $18K.

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