Man Named ‘Sexy Vegan’ Accused Of Bestiality After Sharing Disturbing Video Of His Pit Bull

Sexy Vegan first rose to infamy in 2017 after he appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil. He got kicked off the show for his use of profanity, which seems mild compared to his recent actions.

Sexy Vegan Headshot

YouTubeSexy Vegan became semi-famous after an appearance on Dr. Phil showcased his erratic behavior and intriguing look. He’s since been accused of bestiality.

A California man legally named Sexy Vegan who was accused of sexually assaulting his dog and uploading the footage of the attack online entered a no-contest plea in the case.

According to NY Post, the video apparently showed Vegan, formerly named Hansel Marion DeBartolo III, getting his rear end licked by a pit bull.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office said the incident occurred on Sept. 5, 2019, and resulted in a misdemeanor count of disturbing the peace. Vegan has since been sentenced to two years probation, 100 hours of community service, and 52 weeks in a sexual offender program.

Part of the no-contest plea saw Vegan agree to have his two dogs removed from his custody. The man, who has his name tattooed on his face, is thus legally prohibited from owning any pets during the probationary period.

Though the bizarre legal dispute is likely to introduce a whole new audience to Vegan, he previously made the rounds on TV in 2017. His controversial appearances on Dr. Phil — and now serious criminal activity — have sent social media on a field day with the man.

Sexy Vegan’s confrontational debut appearance on Dr. Phil.

Vegan was escorted off an episode of Dr. Phil called “My Brother Changed His Name to ‘Sexy Vegan,’ Wears Speedos in Public and is Spending My Mom’s $11 Million Inheritance!” for repeatedly using profanity and moonwalking uncontrollably across the stage.

Being kicked off set may have been one of Vegan’s lowest points — until prosecutors said he allegedly posted a video on social media “showing inappropriate behavior with a pit bull.”

According to the New York Daily News, authorities found it rather easy to determine whether or not the 37-year-old had committed a possible crime.

“Detectives found a video on social media of the suspect performing an act of bestiality,” said Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station spokeswoman Shirley Miller.

Vegan initially pleaded not guilty and had his bail set at $35,000. He was already on probation for another charge in a different jurisdiction at the time, which might have affected his eventual no-contest plea in the matter.

According to Metro, Vegan could have faced up to on year in jail, had he not struck a deal with the prosecution. The disgruntled family members seen appearing on Dr. Phil with him had apparently voiced their frustration with Vegan countless times before.

At one point, Sexy Vegan returned to apologize to Dr. Phil on his show.

As they explained in the strangely enthralling episodes, Vegan regularly dances in public and wears nothing but loose and revealing clothing. He’s gotten into trouble with the law several times, and it’s not uncommon for him to carry a full-length mirror around in public.

Vegan’s second appearance on Dr. Phil saw him apologize for his behavior on the first, as well as praise Dr. Sophy — a psychiatrist and the medical director for the County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services — who frequently appears on the popular show.

But ultimately, it seems that Vegan’s legacy has been solidified by the one decision detailed succinctly in the prosecutors’ following statement:

“Vegan posted a video on social media depicting a pit bull licking the defendant’s rear.”

Though Vegan once claimed he was preparing to run for president, it seems no talk show appearance or flamboyant marketing stunt he could pull out of his sleeve is likely to overshadow this one distressing life choice.

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