The Second Trailer For Marvel’s Captain Marvel is Out Now!

Marvel once again dropped a disappointing trailer of its upcoming movie, Captain Marvel. When the first trailer was released, Brie Larson was criticized for her lack of expressions. The people also speculated that this movie might not live up to the reputation of Marvel Studios.

But the hopes were still alive when the second trailer was about to arrive. But it didn’t create much of a difference. The second trailer of Captain Marvel gave us the complete idea that this movie will explore the adventures of Carol Danvers on how she becomes Captain Marvel, after Mar-Vell dies.

Source- Screenrant

Mar-Vell, played by Jude Law is a Kree soldier disguised as a human who meets Carol Danvers during her time as an air pilot. Mar-Vell dies and his powers is infused into Carol, making her the new Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel suffers from amnesia and has trouble remembering her time as Carol Danvers. And that’s when Nick Fury comes into picture and takes the storyline forward.

The movie is about to arrive in theatres on March 8 2019.

Source- Comic Book

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