The Terrifying ‘Locke & Key’ Comic Series Is Getting Netflixed

Locke & Key comic plot synopsis.

Why is that? For one, Locke & Key is original source material and although it sold very well and has a dedicated fan base, creating a film or TV show around it was a tall order. First off: the events are depicted in non-chronological order. Without giving too much away, this story jumps from the American Revolution to the present, and other time periods in order to shed light on one main mystery: the Keyhouse.

The Keyhouse is inherited by three Locke siblings who attempt to discover the suspicious circumstances surrounding their father’s death, and things only get weirder when they find magical keys which hold the answers to all of their questions. 

Each key possesses a unique power and can “open” different sections of the Keyhouse that the children discover over time, but after discovering these artifacts, they’ve awakened an ancient evil demon who wants the powerful items for themselves.

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