This ‘Spider-Man’ Game Prototype Never Saw the Light of Day

Of course, if you do decide to play it, you may be in for a bit of disappointment. This version of the game is obviously quite far from being completed, and large expanses of it are unfinished. There are missing textures, missing buildings, and plenty of terrible, rough-looking textures. You aren’t really able to complete it, either. 

Seeing as the game is missing its main villain design for The Vulture, you’ll only really be facing off against faceless goons, too, unfortunately. 

You’ll walk around and see some very funky areas, such as the one above, where the images that were meant to be attached to polygons simply aren’t there. The ROM is far from being finished, and you’ll have to fill in some of the blanks with your imagination. 

Still, it’s pretty awesome to see that the game was in development and get a taste for how it might have been had it actually come to fruition. We’ve since gotten the excellent Marvel’s Spider-Man, of course, so no harm, no foul. 

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