Wendy’s Roasts WR Kelvin Benjamin after getting cut by the Buffalo Bills

The buffalo bills removed Benjamin kelvin from their squad on Tuesday. Though it was true that bills won’t extend his contract which would expire this season. It was just a surprise that team released him soon.

The termination from the team for Benjamin may be due to the poor performances in the past 13 months with the team. Benjamin only had 23 catches on 62 targets for more than 354 yards of running and one touchdown.

He was marked for several times for being out of the route. The buffalo bills in the first draft picked the 6.5 and 245 pound man in 2014 from Carolina on October 31.

Source: Dailysnarks

He even showed good form by having 73 catches in 1008 yards he played. But due to the knee injury in 2015 he lost his form. From the injury he never came back and also became frustrated and this can be the prompt reason for the

Source: dailysnark, Fox Sports


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