We’re Shocked to Learn What Happened to Katie Piper 11 Years Ago

The British television presenter, philanthropist, and model featured in popular television shows, such as the must-watch Strictly Come Dancing, Katie Piper, has an impressive resume. She is a regular host of Loose Women, Good Morning Britain, and This Morning, but that’s not all. She’s also written four books and founded a charity.

However, that’s not the full story. In a recent Instagram post, the celeb opened up about a traumatic past episode. So, what happened to Katie Piper? 

What happened to Katie Piper?

Captioned “Hold on. Pain ends,” the new photo shows Katie turn away from the camera, head tilted down, eyes gazing away. Her skin is severely scarred, with yellow and dark purple spots covering her ears. Taken weeks after her tragic accident in 2008, the picture is one of the last remaining documents attesting to a tumultuous period in Katie’s life. 

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