What Does “DC” Mean on TikTok? It’s Actually Super Simple

As you scroll through videos using the #dc hashtag, you’ll quickly notice pretty much all of them have something in common: dancing. That’s because (drumroll, please), “DC” stands for Dance Challenge. Of course. Now that you know, it’s obvious, but we’re not here to judge you if you didn’t know at first. We didn’t, either!

Dance challenges (or DCs, as the cool kids probably don’t call them) make up a huge portion of viral TikTok challenges. Typically, someone starts a dance challenge by performing specific moves to a specific song. Some might call that dancing. Then they challenge others to recreate the moves in their own video. Next thing you know, a dancing challenge is born and you see it all over your TikTok feed. People usually use “dc” in the caption of their video and then tag people they want to see participate.

Sometimes people change up the dance challenges to keep things fresh, but for the most part, the great TikTok hivemind seems to have come to the conclusion that TikTok dances be made up of a few specific moves. Typically, those moves feature a lot of hand and arm movements, keeping the dancer’s body in (vertical) frame. You’ve seen TikTok dances. You know what we’re talking about.

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