What Each Zodiac Sign Will Grow To Resent In A Relationship If You’re Not Careful


Aries will resent you for making them settle down in one place.


Taurus will resent you for failing to put as much effort into the relationship as they do.


Gemini will resent you for pulling them away from their friends.


Cancer will resent you for taking their love and affection for granted.

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Leos will resent you for how much time you spend at work, away from them.


Virgos will resent you for how much money you spend on impractical items.


Libras will resent you for any complaint you make after how much they do for you every single day.


Scorpios will resent you for forcing them to be the responsible one.


Sagittarius will resent you for making decisions for them and trying to control them.


Capricorns will resent you for ruining their career aspirations.


Aquarius will resent you for taking from them without giving anything in return.


Pisces will resent you for leaving them with the bulk of the chores. TC mark

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