What Happened to ‘Whale Wars’? Update

This injunction is the main reason why Animal Planet didn’t air a full sixth season of Whale Wars, because they were very busy trying to find a solution/workaround/ appeal to the legal cease-and-desist letter they were sent that ruled in favor of ICR’s wishes. The network’s senior vice president of legal affairs, Julie Wolf, dished out on the challenges they’re facing after receiving the injunction.

“We have been very careful about that from the very beginning… [we’ve] not been acting in concert with Sea Shepherd…[only] for the access: for the space on the vessel, for the food for the production crew, that sort of thing…absolutely no payment for support of their cause…we would not direct in any way what the Sea Shepherds would do. … They were not to direct, control, re-crete, re-shoot anything. It was very, very journalistic, very, very true documentarian’s terms.”

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