What’s Joey Chestnut’s Job Besides Scarfing Down Wieners?

While Joey does have another profession, his primary source of income is competitive eating. The man makes about $150,000 from eating events alone and that doesn’t include sponsorship deals and other TV appearances he’s made, like the time he competed in The Amazing Race.

But Joey did go to school for a particular vocation, and it wasn’t gargling hot dogs, it was actually civil engineering.

Joey attended San Jose University and graduated in 2005. While he was a Major League Eating competitor back then, in 2009 he scaled down his eating routines in order to focus more on his construction and civil engineering career on a full-time basis.

But the sweet siren’s calling of eating seemingly inhuman amounts of food in short amounts of time kept beckoning to Joey and his construction career is now a part-time gig, with competitive eating being his prime-time vocation.

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