Where Is Enedina Arellano Felix, the Leader of the Tijuana Cartel Now?

“She is not into the wars of her brothers. She is into making alliances and making money,” Mike Vigil, the former Head of International Operations told Time.

“Her beauty may also have helped her make alliances with powerful traffickers such as Chapo Guzman,” he added. 

Although the nature of her involvement with the Tijuana Cartel isn’t known ⁠— there are no publicly available databases stating which crimes she took part in— this poses no hindrances to the public imagination. There’s an ever-proliferating number of urban legends and fabricated stories attached to her figure, notes Fox. She also served as the source of inspiration behind a drug ballad, “La Jefa de Tijuana,” a TV series, also titled La Jefa de Tijuana, and a crime-drama, Traffic. 

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