Where Is Harvey Weinstein Now? His Accusers’ Film and His Legal Update

Rumors of Harvey Weinstein’s inappropriate behavior with actresses, aspiring stars, subordinates, and women in the entertainment industry had been swirling around Hollywood for years before his arrest. But thanks to journalist Ronan Farrow, who released a damning exposé in 2017, his reign and abuse of power ended. 

The Hulu documentary Untouchable, showcased further evidence of his actions and viewers got to hear from some of the victims.

Multiple accusers against Weinstein spoke out in the documentary, and detailed the way he used his power to take advantage of women. They also discussed how the producer ruined careers when his advances were denied. 

In the two years since the accusations broke and the one year since he was arrested, Weinstein’s life has been kept somewhat under wraps, except for his court appearances. 

Where is Harvey Weinstein now? He’s been dealing with health issues and ankle monitor violations.

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