Who Is Timothy Webber From ‘Riverdale’? He Plays Jughead’s Grandpa

Jughead had also thought that his grandfather had died from over-drinking years earlier. When he finds out that his grandpa is living an isolated life in the woods, Jughead turns up on his doorstep to learn more about his role in writing some of the Baxter Boys books. 

Because nothing is as it seems in Riverdale, Jughead is likely going to uncover a lot about his family when he talks to his grandfather, and we have a suspicion that Forsyth I isn’t going to be too eager to walk down memory lane.

What has Timothy Webber been in before?

The Canadian actor is best known for playing The Apprentice on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. He first appeared on the series in 2014’s fourth season, and he regularly appeared in Season 5. He gets trapped in a sorcerer’s hat during Season 4, and he knows key information about the other characters. 

The Apprentice’s last stint on the show was in its penultimate episode. 

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