Woman’s Boyfriend Doesn’t Want Her to Wear an Engagement Ring to Avoid Harassment at Work

“It’s past time you took this issue up to someone higher up than HR,” one commenter wrote. “You should also consider contacting your area’s Department of Labor, or perhaps an attorney. If this Derek has been this persistent and is still employed, there’s a huge problem in your workplace.”

The fact that her boyfriend didn’t want her wearing the ring is the least of her troubles. But it’s still concerning that he’s more focused on how he feels about it than the reason she’s considering wearing it in the first place. 

In an update to her original post, she attempted to clarify that her boyfriend does care about her and hates Derek for his behavior, but he was, as I suspected, more worried about the questions the ring would garner than the fact that it could possibly help her avoid harassment. Still not a great look, dude. 

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