18 Hottest Plus-Size Models Of 2017

Everywhere we tune, our eyes get assaulted by images of unnaturally thin women, and everyone insists they are beautiful.

Sadly, that’s the reality we live in, one in which we are told and conditioned what to perceive as attractive. When is the last time you checked reality? The average female body is entirely different from the templates seen on glossy paper or parading down the runway.

Plus-size models have been around for a least a decade, but only recently did they managed to grab our attention. Packing extra pounds and worrying less about hips size, they are beautiful in a natural way.

Society often bullies curvaceous women and makes them live under constant pressure to comply with harsh and almost impossible beauty standards.
All 18 plus-size models shown here deliver above all else, a message that we should love our bodies the way they are and that everyone should cultivate self-esteem.

1. Denise Bidot

Denise Bidot

Denise Bidot is arguably one of the most famous plus-size models currently active.

Forget about trying to guess her ancestry. Born in Miami, Denise has both Puerto Rican and Kuwaiti origins, enough to rank her as an exotic beauty.

What made Denise Bidot stand apart from her fellow curvaceous models? If magazines cover became an easy game for plus-sized, runaways will remain a taboo topic.

Bidot was the first to grace the catwalk at the New York Fashion Week. It gets even better. The model dazzled everyone when she released untouched photos for the “Beach Body. Not Sorry” campaign.

Anxious to see more of Denise Bidot? Her upcoming TV project “Straight/Curve” is weeks away from being released. Together with other models, Bidot sends a powerful message that there is no wrong way to be a woman.

Denise Bidot

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