4 Natural Gas Facilities in US Destroyed in ‘Freak Events’ In Last 2 Weeks

4 Natural Gas Facilities in US Destroyed in ‘Freak Events’ In Last 2 Weeks

As you are no doubt aware, there has been a series of very strange fires at key food production facilities in the US this year. Authorities insist that each one of those fires was an “accident”, and that there is “nothing to see here.” But now the same thing is starting to happen to the energy industry.

In particular, we have seen a number of “mysterious explosions” at natural gas facilities during the past few weeks. Of course, gas prices have been spiking dramatically all over the world, and so this string of “freak events” comes at a deeply suspicious time.

On Saturday, an absolutely massive explosion at a very important natural gas facility in Medford, Oklahoma made headlines all over the nation. The following comes from CBS News:

The explosion that caused this fire was so large that it actually registered on the Richter scale. The Economic Collapse Blog reports:

The black smoke that came billowing from the plant could be seen for many miles all around, and the damage that was done is likely to disrupt operations at the facility for a long time to come. Just two days earlier, there was another “mysterious explosion” near Houston, Texas…

The following comes from Fox:

Nearby residents report hearing “a loud pop” when the explosion occurred.

Is it normal to have two major natural gas explosions like this in just a matter of three days? No, it is not.

And it is important to note that there have been other “suspicious explosions” recently. Last month, a massive explosion at a liquefied natural gas terminal in Quintana Island, Texas ended up “taking a substantial amount of the fuel off the market.”

NPR reported on the incident:

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