4-Year-Old Boy Who Was Face of Argentina’s Vaccine Rollout Dies Suddenly

The young boy who was used as the face of an Argentinian government’s national vaccination campaign has died suddenly, according to local reports. Santino Godoy Blanco was just four years old.

In the last two years we have witnessed an inexplicable surge of health ailments, including the sudden and unexpected deaths of young and healthy people. Excess deaths are at record levels across the world – and doctors are baffled.

Santino Blanco, who hailed from the town of San Miguel, is yet another case in point. The face of the national vaccine rollout had been unwell for a week with a high fever that persisted despite being given ibuprofen.

His mother, Agustina Blanco, took him to the Dr. Raúl F. Larcade Municipal Hospital at dawn on Wednesday, November 2, where the doctor said that he had a viral fever, and sent him home.

Unfortunately, Santino’s fever persisted and he started to throw up. He was given Reliverán (Metoclopramide) for his vomiting, but eventually went back to the hospital after his condition did not improve.

According to mainstream media, Santino Blanco’s death was not in any way related to vaccines. Given the fact the pharmaceutical industry owns and pays for the media, they wouldn’t dare say anything else.

Twitter users paid their respects to Santino Blanco, who was too young to know any better.

Heartbreaking: Santino Blanco, the four-year-old boy who had been the face of #Argentina’s national #vaccination campaign #diedsuddenly this morning. This is #murder.

These parents have made this 💉 a religion and they are all willing to sacrifice their healthy children to pharma gods.  Shameful and disgusting.

A new slap from Israel to the COVID-19 vaccines, while in Argentina, 4-year-old Santino Godoy Blanco, who was the central figure of the National Vaccination Campaign, died!

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