6-Year-Old Nervously Prepares To Dance Only To Bust Out Moves That Bring Down The House

While most of us participated in talent shows when we were in elementary school, the thought of performing in front of our entire country would make our younger selves run and hide. But for this six-year-old from New Stevenson, Scotland, doing so is his biggest dream.

From the time Oscar Donnelly was a toddler, he could be found dancing around his parents’ living room. Instead of squashing their son’s dream, Annie and Chris, let Oscar explore his skills.

There was something about his passion for dance that made them think it could be his destiny. He not only had the amazing talent for it, but he had such compassion for dance.

Would he be able to go far? They had no idea he would one day get the chance to audition on Britain’s Got Talent years later.

Rather than focus his energy on modern dance styles like hip-hop or jazz, Oscar was much more interested in traditional Irish dancing! It was the perfect way to honor his heritage while doing something he loved.

As the years passed, Oscar grew more and more talented. He became quite well known among Irish dancing experts.

It was only a matter of time before everyone in the world knew about Oscar’s skills! So, when Oscar’s parents heard of auditions for Britain’s Got Talent, they knew their boy had to be involved.

It was the perfect opportunity for Oscar to shine on stage and share the talent with which he’d been blessed. But how would he do on such a big stage packed full of people?

After weeks of practicing his routine, “Wee Mick” (Oscar’s nickname in honor of Riverdance master Michael Flatley) was ready to show the judges his Irish dancing technique. He put on traditional yet flashy Irish dancing attire and prepared himself.

The judges sensed Oscar was nervous as soon as he stepped into the limelight, so they tried to relax him a bit with conversation. He instantly charmed them!

After the nerves passed, the music began to play and Oscar started to jig across the stage. The way his feet flew above the ground was astounding, and the height of his high kicks blew the judges away!

Take a peek at Oscar’s impressive Irish dancing routine for yourself below. This definitely was his destiny!


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