Air Force Sergeant Under Investigation After Crazy Racist Facebook Rant Goes Viral

We have to film everything these days. And now this girl will always remember the viral video where she put her foot right in her mouth.

An Air Force sergeant is under investigation for blasting lower-ranking “black females” at Nellis Air Force Base in a profanity-laced Facebook rant, officials said Monday.

Officials at the Las Vegas base said Tech. Sgt. Geraldine Lovely was “removed from her supervisory role” after viral footage of a racially insensitive tirade surfaced over the weekend.

The post has blown up for obvious reasons with some of the comments defending her while most look more like this:

Ive never seen someone end their career live

It’s not an issue of race. You don’t know how to effectively interact, lead or build a positive relationship with your subordinates.

I can’t help but laugh at her with a straight face! Something is wrong with her, seriously! There is a common denominator here…YOU! It’s clear why they have attitude with you! Check yourself because you certainly wrecked it with this video.

Someone included a fight club meme an even that got people pissed off:

“First rule of fight club is that you don’t talk about fight club”? To a civilian like me, that sounds like you’re admitting to a green wall of silence, where racists like Lovely are protected. I say let more soldiers speak their minds, to help you weed out the racist ones infiltrating your ranks.

The Facebook post read: (3,750,000+ views) UPDATE: “I’m Maj Chris Sukach, Nellis Public Affairs. This is inappropriate and unacceptable behavior in today’s society & especially for anyone in uniform. Leadership is aware and is taking appropriate action.” WARNING: language in video and context is completely unbecoming of a United States Air Force Non-Commissioned Officer. From Admin: I just received something that has no place in the Air Force. I served over 20 years and will be damned if I let this go without addressing it and leadership better handle this NOW! There is absolutely no place to demean Airmen of any race, let alone do so in uniform. This video and comments are sickening and utterly unbecoming of an NCO in the United States Air Force.

I apologize to anyone under her supervision as no one deserves to deal with this ignorance and I assure you that I will not rest until I get confirmation this is handled and I mean handled TONIGHT!
From the Inbox: “So this morning she went “live” in the group with the video. Then a few of the African American girls commented how racist she was, so she removed the video. After that, people were still mad so they flooded the anonymous link to the page to complain about TSgt Geraldine Lovely without having to actually confront her. Lovely is an admin of the page so she posted the anonymous complaints in the two posts above. She works at the Nellis AFB Fitness Center.”

Check out the video below:

Now that the disgraceful video has been viewed over 2 million times, Lovely, who was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, has been “removed from her supervisory role” according to New York Daily News.

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