Alan Dershowitz: ‘You Have No Right To Be Unvaccinated, Gov’t Should Plunge a Needle Into Your Arm’

The government should round up the unvaccinated, take them to medical centers and “plunge a needle into their arm,” according to Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz, who famously represented Jeffrey Epstein.

“You have no right not to be vaccinated, you have no right not to wear a mask, and if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state should have the power to take you to a doctors office and plunge a needle into your arm,” according to Dershowitz.

Dershowitz, a New York Times bestselling author who has previously argued for lowering the age of consent, was promoting his new book The Case For Vaccine Mandates.

According to his publisher Simon & Schuster, Dershowitz makes the case for mandatory vaccinations to prevent the spread of COVID:

It’s not the first time Dershowitz has chosen to wade into public debate with an inflammatory opinion that flies in the face of common decency.

Alan Dershowitz, who stands accused of having sex with multiple alleged Jeffrey Epstein victims, is on record stating that “statutory rape is an outdated concept” and there should be “Romeo and Juliet exceptions” to statutory rape law.

The age of consent should be lowered to as young as 14 because “voluntary sex is so common in their age group“, according to Dershowitz who published an op-ed titled “Statutory Rape Is An Outdated Concept” in the late 90s.

Years later, Dershowitz defended the column on Twitter, at an awkward time: Dershowitz was a member of the team that got convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein a plea deal that sent him to prison for 18 months in 2007, a sentence that was described as “the deal of the century” amid claims he should have received a much longer sentence.

This raises a fundamental question about the continuing legitimacy of statutory rape laws at a time when sex involving teenagers is so rampant and prosecution for statutory rape so selective,” Dershowitz wrote in the op-ed.

It is obvious that there must be criminal sanctions against sex with very young children, but it is doubtful whether such sanctions should apply to teenagers above the age of puberty, since voluntary sex is so common in their age group.

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