Alec Baldwin Says Killing Woman Took ‘Years Off’ His Life

Alec Baldwin – who is facing criminal charges for killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins after the FBI concluded he did pull the trigger – says the killing took “years” off his life.

Baldwin, 64, who was hobnobbing in Vermont just one week after fatally shooting the cinematographer and injuring the director, sat down with CNN for an interview published Friday.

There is just this torrent of people attacking me who don’t know the facts,” the actor told CNN.

Baldwin killed Hutchins on the afternoon of October 21, 2021, while practicing a scene with a Colt .45 revolver that was supposed to be loaded with blanks. While Baldwin claims that he did not pull the trigger, the FBI concluded in a report last week that he is lying.

ZeroHedge report: During interviews with investigators, Baldwin said that he was told the weapon he was holding was a “cold gun,” which meant it was loaded with blank cartridges.

According to the Mind Unleashed, Baldwin also claimed that the weapon fired without him pulling the trigger when he pulled back the hammer and posed for Halyna’s camera, with the actor insisting: “I did not pull the trigger.”

The FBI concluded it is theoretically possible for the device to produce the sound of a gunshot without actually firing a bullet; however, it is abundantly clear that this was not what happened in Baldwin’s case.

What’s more, Santa Fe police are not ruling out criminal charges.

On Aug. 12, authorities said they are still waiting for Baldwin’s phone records, which the District Attorney has been working with Suffolk County Police Department in New York and Baldwin’s attorneys to acquire.

Baldwin has been sued by Hutchins’s family.

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