Another Fully Jabbed High School Athlete Drops Dead ‘Suddenly and Unexpectedly’ – Doctors Baffled

Another fully jabbed high school athlete dropped dead ‘suddenly and unexpectedly’ on Wednesday, leaving doctors baffled as to the cause.

The incident took place at The Weber School in Sandy Springs, Atlanta, on Wednesday afternoon during a football game. According to reports, the student was a senior. reports: On Thursday, the website TheSpun published the text of a note from the school to parents and students that gave the student’s name.

WGCL said Wednesday it had ceased publication of the student’s name at the request of his family.

The student’s age was not released.

“This afternoon during a Weber flag football game, a member of the senior class, Eitan Force, suffered a critical medical emergency on the field,” the note published by TheSpun said.

The note did not say if the emergency was suffered while competing.

“Our trainers and staff immediately went to his aid prior to the arrival of emergency healthcare professionals. Eitan was transported to a local hospital for further care. Tragically, we received word that Eitan passed away earlier this evening,” the note said.

“With respect for their privacy, Eitan’s parents request that we do not reach out or contact the family at this time,” the note said.

The note said that school on Thursday was canceled and that crisis counseling was being arranged.

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