AP Fires “Reporter” Who Tried To Trigger WWIII by Falsely Blaming Russia for Missile Attack

The Associated Press has fired reporter James LaPorta for attempting to spark World War 3 by falsely blaming Russia for the Ukrainian missile attack in Poland.

Five days after the Associated Press cited an anonymous ‘senior US intelligence official’ in a fake story that claimed a Russian missile killed two Polish civilians, one of the two reporters behind the story was abruptly fired.

Zerohedge.com reports: Reporters James LaPorta (fired) and John Leichester (not fired) share the byline on the now-retracted report, which sparked an entire news cycle that included talk of invoking ‘Article 5‘ – the mutual defense agreement between NATO members – and which would have obligated other members to engage in collective defense, aka WWIII.

As the day went on, President Biden popped out of a NATO / G7 briefing, and mumbled that “it’s unlikely” the projectile was fired from Russia. NATO then chimed in, saying it was more likely that the missile was fired by Ukrainian forces in self-defense (or was it?).

AP later retracted the story, and issued the following correction which pinned blame on the anonymous intelligence official;

According to Mediaite, AP requires two sources for confirmation on this type of reporting when both are anonymous. No word on who edited the piece or what their fate might be.

On Monday, the Daily Beast reported that LaPorta had been sacked for erroneous reporting, while Leicester has, as of this writing, kept his job with the wire service.

Remember when AP cited anonymous US intelligence officials to suggest that ZeroHedge was spreading Russian disinformation? Same energy, and wouldn’t be the first time ‘anonymous officials’ turned out to be bullshit.

Meanwhile on James LaPorta’s Twitter feed

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