Australian Police Demand Citizens Report Neighbors Who Talk About ‘Conspiracy Theories’

Queensland Police have ordered citizens to snitch on their neighbors if they share conspiracy theories, express “anti-government sentiments” or “believe Covid-19 conspiracy theories.”

“If there is anybody out there who knows of anyone who might be showing concerning behavior around conspiracy theories, anti-government, anti-police, conspiracies theories around Covid-19 vaccination,” said Deputy commissioner Tracy Linford. “We want to know about that. You can either contact the police directly or go through Crimestoppers.”

Welcome to 1984. This is what the Stasi 2.0 looks like. Soon the police in Australia will be wearing brown shirts.

Australia is not the only country in the region to have fallen.

The authoritarian left-wing New Zealand government has also ordered citizens to report their friends and family to the police if they suspect them of opposing government policies, including COVID measures.

According to literature released by Jacinda Ardern’s WEF-infiltrated government, New Zealand citizens who are suspected of being “conspiracy theorists” will be investigated as terrorists.

Rebecca Kitteridge, director of the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service, explained that there are “dozens of indicators” that suggest a family member or friend has been “radicalized” by conspiracy theories and could be planning a terror attack.

Anyone who opposes “government policies that are interpreted as infringing on rights” or “Covid measures the government took” must be reported and investigated as terrorists, according to Kitteridge. WATCH:

Under Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s leadership, New Zealand has emerged at the vanguard of the World Economic Forum’s left-wing authoritarian agenda. Citizens have had their rights stripped from them in a systematic and ruthless fashion, and now they are being told that questioning government authoritarianism is a form of terrorism.

There is simply no room in New Zealand for public debate. Anyone with a different point of view to Ardern’s WEF-infiltrated government is considered an enemy.

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