Autopsy Reveals Media Covered Up Anne Heche Murder After She Vowed To Expose Pedophile Ring

News regarding Anne Heche’s tragic death stunned the world in August. The Hollywood actress was involved in a serious car crash in Los Angeles and the mainstream media reported that she was high on drugs and out of control.

Except now we know that Anne Heche, who had vowed to expose an elite Hollywood pedophile ring in the days before her bizarre death, was not high on drugs on the day of the fatal car crash.

According to the results of her autopsy which have been obtained by Page Six, the mainstream media was lying about Heche’s state of mind, attempting to smear and discredit her.

The Los Angeles County medical examiner’s report said there was “no evidence of impairment.” Heche tested positive for fentanyl, which was given to her at the hospital after the crash. The coroner also revealed there were traces of other drugs including cannibinoids, which indicate Heche used drugs in the past, but not on the day of the crash.

Why were mainstream media so determined to lie about Heche and discredit her?

Let’s review the case. Just days after the crash, it was quickly announced by the media that Heche was not expected to survive and her family were exploring the possibility of organ donation as had been her wish throughout her life.

Days later doctors announced Heche had suffered brain death and on Friday the 53-year-old was declared dead under California law.

The actress was kept on life support in order to keep her organs healthy during the search for potential recipients of her organs, and after recipients were found, on August 15 her life support was turned off.

But that’s not the whole story. Far from it. Anne Heche was nearing completion on a new film that is too close to home for the powers that be in Hollywood — a film about child sex trafficking.

She received numerous warnings telling her to stop working on the film. But she paid no heed. During her life, Anne Heche was always known for her courageousness, and she vowed to see the film through to its completion.

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