Beto O’Rourke Trembles With Fear As Crowd Chant “You’re a Baby Killer”

Beto O’Rourke was left reeling on Thursday night after a crowd began chanting “You’re a baby killer” to his face.

Multiple protestors showed up at Beto’s rally, which was being held at a Dallas, Texas gay bar.

First, comedian and activist Alex Stein shouted at O’Rourke from an overhead balcony.

“Beto, you suck! Beto, you’re a baby killer! You’re a baby killer! All you do is kill babies. You murder babies,” Stein shouted in the middle of Beto’s speech. reports: “What are you afraid of? There are some who are afraid of us,” was the only response from the Democrat candidate.

The angry leftists in the crowd shouted, “Fuck you,” and “Piece of shit!” at Stein while he was being escorted out.

Several individuals hit the demonstrator in the head, kicked him, shoved him, and one person even pulled his hair extremely hard.

After being removed from the building, Stein went on a live interview with the podcast host Hotep Jesus, telling him, “I just crashed Beto’s thing and dude, they were dragging me out of there by my hair, kicking me… I’m on the balcony of the bar and just to go down the stairs it was packed, people were grabbing me, kicking me, saying the most disgusting stuff.”

Stein continued, “Now I’m getting out. All these gay guys were like, ‘We’re coming after you, it’s open carry.’ Nothing to do with their sexuality but at a big gay bar like that after I said that comment, they were not vibing with Prime Time 99.”

“It was nuts,” he said. “These people are so brainwashed. Literally, they’re about ‘acceptance’ and all this stuff, they’re grabbing my hair.”

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