Biden Administration To Block Musk Twitter Deal on “National Security Grounds”

The Biden administration has vowed to block the Musk Twitter deal on “national security grounds” amid complaints by the mainstream media that non-mainstream views will be allowed to proliferate on the platform following the deal.

Twitter is paring some of its overnight declines on reports that the Biden White House is not aware of a national security review for Musk Ventures (including Starlink and his deal for Twitter). reports: Of course, The White House is not supposed to comment on (or in fact even know about) what The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) does, so this statement is not entirely surprising.

“It does seem fanciful that the U.S. Government would view Twitter as a national security asset,” Canaccord Genuity’s Quest analyst Graham Simpson said in an email.

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As we detailed overnight, one month ago we joked that should the Delaware judge force Musk to buy Twitter, then none other than the US government would step in and prevent the South African from gaining control over the blue-checkmark echo chamber of record, the one social media network which congressional testimony after congressional testimony has argued it can manipulate the outcome of elections.

Well, that prediction is about to come true, because according to Bloomberg, the Biden administration is discussing whether the US should subject some of Elon Musk’s ventures to national security reviews, including the deal for Twitter and SpaceX’s Starlink satellite network, citing people familiar with the matter.

In short, not only is the deep state government preparing to block Musk’s acquisition of TWTR on national security grounds (unlcear what that would achieve as the stock would crater to single digits, especially after today’s SNAP earnings, and so many of its employees have already quit), but it may “expropriate” Musk’s satellite pet project too, all for daring to ask a question about the US involvement in Ukraine, and what exactly the endgame there is.

As Bloomberg adds, “US officials have grown uncomfortable over Musk’s recent threat to stop supplying the Starlink satellite service to Ukraine — he said it had cost him $80 million so far — and what they see as his increasingly Russia-friendly stance following a series of tweets that outlined peace proposals favorable to President Vladimir Putin. They are also concerned by his plans to buy Twitter with a group of foreign investors.”

One possible legal pathway is through the law governing the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States to review Musk’s deals and operations for national security risks. The CFIUS was used extensively in the Trump admin to block and undo numerous Chinese deals, arguing they could pose a national threat to the US. Now, it’s none other than Musk who has emerged as the deep state’s biggest nemesis.

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