Biden Administration To Launch ‘Digital Cops’ To Arrest People Who Commit Wrongthink

The Biden administration is working on a new scheme aimed at curbing ‘wrongthink’: the creation of a digital police officer with the powers of arrest.

The plan “reads like a pitch for the most dystopian buddy cop movie ever,” explains the report by Dave Maass at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. reports: The work on a “D-PO,” which now is being presented as a “visionary concept,” is going on at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, which is run by Battelle on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy.

Researchers are working on “forecasting a future where police and border agents are assisted by artificial intelligence, not as a software tool but as an autonomous partner capable of taking the steering wheel during pursuits and scouring social media to target people for closer investigation,” the report said.

EFF uncovered the work through a review of materials and Freedom of Information Act procedures.

“We need to design computing systems that are not simply tools we use, but teammates that we work alongside,” the project explains at one point.

“For years, civil liberties groups have warned about the threats emerging from increased reliance by law enforcement on automated technologies, such as face recognition and ‘predictive policing’ systems. In recent years, we’ve also called attention to the problems inherent in autonomous police robots, such as the pickle-shaped Knightscope security patrol robots and the quadrupedal ‘dog’ robots that U.S. Department of Homeland Security wants to deploy along the U.S.-Mexico border,” the foundation explained.

But it said the newest iteration “goes so much further.”

The idea is that AI learns “from the human and its environment,” and then uses that knowledge “to help guide the team without requiring specific instructions from the human.”

In its scenario, PNNL explains the two “officers’ get an alert of a robbery in progress, and immediately drones are tapped, face recognition used, self-driving tech incorporated and algorithmic prediction brought into play.

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