Biden Exposed Funding ‘Urgent’ Lab Research Into ‘Correcting False Beliefs’

The US government has been exposed funding secretive laboratory research on how to fight online “misinformation” by correcting “false beliefs.” The government project is in partnership with unnamed, shadowy fact-checkers who are being consulted to “help guide the research.”

Biden’s National Science Foundation (NSF) funded the project titled, “How False Beliefs Form and How to Correct Them.” This is what losing control of the narrative looks like. They are desperate to regain control.

The NSF allocated $444,345 to Lisa Fazio, an Associate Professor of Psychology and Human Development at Vanderbilt University. Since then, the total amount granted to the researcher has reached $506,478, as was first surfaced by a War Room report.

The purpose of the grant is published on NSF’s website, which states: “There is currently an urgent need to understand the real-world effects of misinformation on people’s beliefs and how to best correct false beliefs.

“Through a series of laboratory and naturalistic experiments, the project team is examining the effects of repetition on belief in real-world settings and how to more effectively counteract misinformation.

“By examining these basic psychological processes in the primary domain within which they affect daily life – misinformation on social media – this work will have implications for real-world practices aimed at reducing the impact of misinformation.”

The idea is for the research to “inform real-world practices aimed at reducing the impact of misinformation.” The NSF claims that “fact-checking practitioners are consulted to help guide the research, and results will be discussed with them.”

However, the NSF does not name the fact-checkers, many of which have established reputations for the biased and corrupt way they apply fact-checks.

(Never mind the fact that “fact checkers” are mostly untrained and unqualified hacks performing “fact checks” from the comfort of their bedroom in between posting far-left political content on personal blogs and getting high.)

The US government joins the likes of Google, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum is researching ways to control the narrative and “correct false beliefs.”

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