Biden To Grant Mass Amnesty & Work Permits to 30,000 New Illegal Immigrants A Month

Joe Biden has announced a new process for border security and enforcement.

According to the President this new process whcih will grant mass amnesty for 30 thousand new illegals a month, is not only orderly…..”It’s safe and humane, and it works.”

The announcement was made on Thursday just days before Biden’s first trip to the southern border, which is set to take place on Sunday in El Paso, Texas. After that, on Monday and Tuesday, he’ll fly to Mexico City to meet with North American leaders.

The Gateway Pundit reports: More than 5 million illegal aliens have crossed the border since Joe Biden was installed in January 2021.

Biden announced a new app that illegals can use to seek asylum in the US.

“Through the CBP One app, we are also providing a new mechanism for noncitizens to schedule appointments to present themselves at ports of entry, facilitating safe and orderly arrivals. Initially this will be used for those seeking an exception from the Title 42 public health order. Once the Title 42 order is no longer in place, CBP One will be used to help ensure safe and orderly processing at ports of entry,” Homeland Security said in a statement.

Individuals who use the CBP One app will be able to schedule an appointment to present themselves at the following ports of entry:

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