Biden’s Transport Secretary Says Electric Vehicles Are The Solution To High Gas Prices

The US Transportation Pete Buttigieg

Buttigieg has hailed electric vehicles, which cost an average of around $67 thousand dollars, as the best solution for Americans who are unable to afford the sky high gas prices.

Talking to MSNBC, Buttigieg stated that the best strategy to combat the high prices would be to “make sure Americans have more options through greater fuel efficiency and greater access to vehicles that don’t require fuel.”

Summit News reports: With the cheapest new EV being over 50 grand, and requiring constant re-charging at home, Buttigieg now acknowledges that most people cannot afford such an expense, so he has a plan.

He’s going to give people who can already afford them a few thousand dollars through ‘tax credits’.

Problem solved then.

Buttigieg again touted the ‘transition’:

Buttigieg’s comments come a day after Biden administration energy adviser Amos Hochstein claimed that it is “just factually not true” to claim that gas prices were increasing before the invasion of Ukraine, a blatant lie.

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