Bikini Model Slaps Presenter Who Groped Her Twice On TV

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This bikini really showed this pervy presenter who’s boss when he tried to grope her bum on live

Clearly some people do not understand the meaning of no, but this guy was taught a hard lesson by this bikini model when she slapped him back into place.

Bikini model Rayssa Teixeiro Melo publicly chastised the presenter who touched her behind on TV during a segment, where they were demonstrating how to apply sun-cream.



The ‘health segment’ opened with Rayssa hovering uncomfortably in front of the camera, as the skincare expert started to apply lotion onto her thighs and stomach.

At first, she tried to endure it, appearing to smile through her discomfort, but as soon as the perv’s hand reached round to her bum cheek, she wasted no time in telling him ‘no.’

She said:

No, that’s my bottom.

Do you know this part, the bum?

Apparently confused, the creep looks taken aback, but asks her permission to continue, to which Rassya agrees.

The foolish guy apparently did not heed her words of warning though and moments later, he was doing exactly that.

As soon as he hands started creeping round and rubbing her buttocks, she shows him what she’s made of and gives him a hard round the face.


She wasn’t content with that though and walked round to the table to collect several bottles of sunblock, which she then proceeded to throw at him in front of the cameras.

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Bizarrely, the lotion applier still didn’t seem to understand where he’d gone wrong, resulting in a producer coming onto the set and physically point out what he could and could not

What an absolute creep.

It’s great she showed him she wasn’t going to take it though.

Go Rassya.

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