Bill Gates Admits Covid Is A “Disease Mainly Of The Elderly…Kind Of Like The Flu”

Despite pushing lockdowns and experimental vaccines and helping destroy the world’s economies

He said that the virus was a lot like the flu and that it affected mostly elderly people and that it had a low fatality rate.

His words were remarkably similar to some of the worlds top lockdown opponents who were saying the very same things since the start of the so called pandemic..

Social media users were also blasted as conpsiracy theorists and anti vaxxers and kicked off the platforms for saying the same.

Need to Know reports: Jimmy Dore pointed out that the average age of people who were diagnosed as dying from COVID was above the life expectancy rate. Gates also admitted that COVID ‘vaccines’ do not block transmission.

While Jimmy Dore subscribes to the virus theory of COVID, he does make some important points, including the fact that the average age of people who supposedly died from COVID is over the age of life expectancy! The average lifespan for a male in the US is 79 years of age, but the average age of people who died from COVID was 81.5 years of age. Dore acknowledged that it is impossible to find the actual death rate from 2020 and an account of how many people died from COVID rather than with COVID.

Warning: there is some rough and vulgar language.

Full Video Interview:

Sobering statements and admissions from Bill Gates in the video listed below with time stamps:

2:02  Gates promotes depopulation through birth control and said that if you improve health in poor countries, people will have only 2 children to support them in old age, instead of larger families.

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