Bill Gates Calls Social Credit Scores An ‘Asset’

India is home to Aadhaar (meaning ‘foundation’ in Hindi) the Worlds largest national biometric digital ID system in the world

Millions of children in India are reportedly at risk of not being able to go to school because they have failed to submit to the invasive biometric ID system

However, the system is praised by Bill Gates and some US policymakers who want to bring a similar social credit database to the USA.

Gates has actually called that the Aadhaar system is “huge asset for India” and has even hailed its creator Nandan Nilekani (a partner of the World Economic Forum) a “hero.”

Activist Post reports: According to a report from Reuters last week, tens of millions of children in India are at risk of being excluded from school this year because they’re not linked up to India’s biometric digital ID system.

Aadhaar, India’s federally-operated biometric digital ID system, collected the names, finger print scans, and eye scans of 1.2 billion Indians.

According to the report, India’s 2009 right to education act provides the legal right to free education for all children from six to 14 years old.

But apparently, only children willing to submit to invasive biometric recording and tracking are able to enjoy this “right”.

Dipa Sinha, a professor at India’s Ambedkar University, told Reuters that requiring the biometric digital ID for public school “puts the onus on the citizen, and makes it much harder for them to access” their own rights.

The report referenced an 11-year-old girl named Shifa who has been barred from going into the sixth grade because she does not have an Aadhaar biometric ID.

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