Bill Gates Has Bank Rolled Media Outlets To The Tune Of $319 Million

Billionaire ‘philanthropist’ Bill Gates lavished hundreds of millions of dollars into select media outlets all over the world according to a report.

An investigation by the outlet MintPress reveals that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation distributed the funds in the form of over 30,000 individual grants.

Big news organizations like CNN, NBC, The Atlantic, The Financial Times, BBC, The Guardian, Al Jazeera were among those that received funding.

Surely donations from the Gates Foundation to media outlets must raise “conflict-of-interest” questions.

Activist Post reports: NPR was the largest beneficiary receiving a whopping $24 million in funding. The Guardian follows with nearly $13 million.

Gates’ funding has even stretched into Germany, with the outlet Der Spiegel benefiting from $5 million in funding. Other international outlets that received millions from Gates include France’s Le Monde and South African outlet Bhekisisa.

In total, Gates has funnelled $166 million directly to media outlets while distributing the remaining money to various media centres and journalism organizations.

Here in Canada, the World University Service of Canada received $12 million from the foundation.

Gates’ money has even flowed into Chinese media, with Caixin Media receiving $250,000 from the mogul and Tsinghua University benefiting from a $450,000 grant provided by the foundation.

In June, it was revealed that Gates also gave tens of millions of dollars to various Canadian pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

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